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Op 17/11/2011

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Build Awesomeness

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Last week I visited Build. A week-long design event in Belfast. It was my second visit but this time I hooked up with 5 belgian freelancers. I enjoyed every single minute. We came away with renewed inspiration and determination to build awesomeness.

Another great edition

Andy McMillan knows his stuff and put together another great conference. He gathered an impressive line-up and the conference day was tightly organized. The individual talks were impressive in their own right and also tied in well with one another, creating something of a general theme. Jesse Thorn (dresses like a grownup) tied the whole day together with poise and wit.

Design festival

Aside from the top-notch workshops and conference there was cool stuff happening all through the week again. There were evening lectures with Erik spiekerman—how did I miss that!—and Scott McLoud, an evening of film, a craft beer festival, a pub quiz, an after-party and a dribble meetup.

A "week-long design festival" is how the event was announced and that really is an accurate description. Build is definitely not your everyday web conference–if there is such a thing.

Wilson Miner killed it

Last year I was blown away by Tim's Brown talk so I was curious to see if anyone could top his talk in 2011. Well, I think we can safely say that Mr. Miner went above and beyond with his epic performance. Goosebumps, people crying—I'm looking at you Danny–and a well-deserved standing ovation! I'm sure you"ll be hearing a lot about this talk–if you haven't already—and I highly recommended you watch the video when it comes online.

The other speakers were on-point to say the least. The Standardistas, Craig Mod, Josh Brewer, Jason Santa Maria, Jeremy Keith and Simon Collison. All of them delivered great talks. Even though I had already seen the one from Jeremy and Jason I still deeply enjoyed each and every talk.

Belgian builders

The belgian builders were in full effect this year! I very much enjoyed hanging out and sharing good vibes with the rest of the gang (6 freelancers in total). We all bump in to each other at local events and it was great to meet up at Build and share such a wonderful atmosphere.

Built to last

From what I gather Andy is not looking to make Build any bigger. Which is great news. Keeping the head-count limited to 300 people is the perfect way to keep Build small and cosy, and keep the amazing atmosphere.

I will definitely book tickets as soon as possible for next year's Build awesomeness. And I recommend you do the same. Oh, and this time I really am going all week!

Ps. Check our flickr for some "zotte sfeer". Video coming up shortly.



Really cool write-up. Build was so inspiring. One of the best conferences I've been to.

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